About Us

About Us


Club History

We are Springvale North Tennis and Social Club. Established in 1936, we are a club with a rich history and a warm, inviting atmosphere.
We are located on Furnew Street in Springvale, just off Springvale Road. Our surroundings are scenic with plenty of open park and recreation space.

Our facilities include 8 plexipave courts and a multi-use clubhouse. Our current head coach is Stephen Sruk, a former ATP player (ATP best rank No. 1096, 1993). We offer a range of coaching and membership options. Competitions for players of all abilities run on weekends and throughout the week.

Contact us with any enquiries. We encourage everybody to get involved and have fun!

The Beginning

Through the efforts of a group of 30 locals, a public meeting was held at the Singleton’s Hall in the Shire of Dandenong on the 9th of September, 1936 at 8 pm to propose the formation of a tennis club. The meeting decided to have social events to raise money to lease or purchase suitable land for tennis courts.

It was not until the fourth meeting that the tennis club was officially formed and the name “Springvale North Tennis and Social Club” given. The club colours would be Royal Blue and White. The word “Social” was added to the name because functions were organised fortnightly and many people were only interested in coming along to the social events.

No tennis was actually played for some time after the formation of the Club. Parties, picnics, snow trips, popular girl contests and dinner dances provided the early entertainment for club patrons.

First players

On 6th January, 1937 the Club entered into an agreement to lease land for the use of tennis courts. A working committee was set up to investigate the purchase of a suitable site for tennis courts. On March 22nd, 1937, Lot 26 on Police Road was purchased. Over 12 months later, on the 6th April, 1938, Lot 27 was purchased. A third block, Lot 28, was purchased some time later, swelling the complex to two courts and a hall.

The forties were an unfortunate time for the Club as the war forced temporary closure from 1941 to 1944, followed by a further three year hiatus from 1944 to 1947.

From 1947 to 1975 the Club operated from the same courts. These 28 years saw a steady growth in membership as a new generation of members followed in their parents' and friends' footsteps and joined the proud Springvale North Tradition.

Club Expansion and Relocation

By 1975 the Club had outgrown its Police Road premises. The land was subsequently sold and the Club was offered land on Warner Reserve, the current location of the club today. The money received from the sale was used to put down four plexipave courts and lights for night tennis. A secondhand tin garage was purchased and used for temporary shelter until funds were sufficient to build our present Clubhouse.

Whilst there was a lot of sentimental attachment to the prior location, members knew that the Club had to move to facilitate its growth. A transition started to take place and most present members moved together with the club. Night tennis was introduced and Competition tennis was played on every night of the week.

The Club has had great historical and current Competition success. Springvale North started at the Southern Districts Tennis Association in 1954, soon moved to the Dandenong & District Tennis Association in 1955 or '56, and in 1979 became an inaugural member of the Waverley & District Tennis Association

Moving into the 21st Century

Most recently, the Club has had successes with teams entered in both Saturday and Sunday Junior and Senior, Midweek, Night and Pennant Competitions.

In 2006 Springvale North marked its 70th anniversary with a special celebration attended by new and decorated members of all generations, an occasion of reminiscing about old memories and committing towards a bright future.

Former players at the club include:

  • Christina Wheeler (WTA best rank No.147, 2003) and Andrew Florent (ATP best rank 13 Doubles, 2001).
  • Club coach Stephen Sruk achieved an ATP best rank of No.1096 in 1993.
  • Currently Trent Cobb has an American College Scholarship and Australian Ranking of 195.
  • We have numerous Juniors with Australian Rankings (Including Christopher Cox, Patrick Pawlukowski, Andrew Phan-Tran, Ken Morado, James Nguyen and Alen Lay).
  • In 2011 our Grade 1 Mens Pennant team (consisting of Phillip Kloc, Trent Cobb, Michael Turlejski, Anthony DiDomenico, Henryk Pawlukowski, Zoran Josic, Trent Constance and Stephen Sruk) won their section in T.V pennant competition.